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Zakat Ul-Fitr

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Zakat Ul-Fitr

Zakat Ul-Fitr is a charity given to the poor and needy at the end of the fasting of the month of Ramadan. It is compulsory on every Muslim As long as he/she has the means to do so.

It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Remember! Zakat Ul-Fitr is Wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) on every Muslim, man or woman, free or in servitude, adult or child.” (Hadith: Tirmidhi’s Sunan).

Zakat Al-Fitr can be paid in the form of money. The minimum amount due is $10 from each person per household.

It is believed that paying Zakat Al-Fitr reduces poverty, cleanses the character, and brings all levels of society closer together. It helps the donor to be disciplined with what he or she has or will have and eases the hearts of those who are poor and needy.

Bayt Al-Zakat arranges the distribution of collected amounts of Zakat Ul-Fitr to the poor and needy.

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